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  • Change Agent Network

    Change Agent Network is a grassroots non-profit organization. Founded in 2003, they build and operate schools in several different parts of Liberia. They are focused on improving education and providing vocational training (i.e. computer, agriculture, etc.). Their facilities and programs are funded entirely by charitable donations from the US and the organization has offices in the States. Their on-the-ground activities are managed entirely by a team of young Liberians with periodic visits from American volunteers. The Founder and Directors (Educational and Technical) are Liberian and they have built a team of very enthusiastic and motivated young staff. We made two visits to Change Agent Network to learn about and build a network with another NGO operating in Liberia that has been successful in the construction and operation of educational facilities for several years.







  • Liberia Trip Report – Gbarnga Community Learning Center

    July 21, Alessandra Sabatini (SCW:Germany) and Alex House (SCW:USA) arrived Liberia where they met James Kumahn (Sustainable Human Empowerment & Hope for Children of Africa, project manager of GCLC). The purpose of this well planned visit were to:
    1. Understand territory and local community needs to put the bases for further cooperation with SCW
    2. Document constructions and trip for future event (i.e. fund raising) and communication (i.e. sponsors).
    3. Supervise project activities and build relationship with people involved locally.