Henning Schwarz and his wife Monica, two of the co-founders, consider the DeJong’s as their family, and have always admired their work in Honduras, till the time they felt ready to engage and continue that legacy, focusing on the African continent.

SCW Germany was founded in 2011. The founders, all engaged in their professional carreers and family life are:
Monica Prati
Henning Schwarz
Christian Weiss
Christine Weiss


SCW is accountable not only to the communities we serve, but also to our generous donors. Transparency is critical to SCW’s success. All of the donation we receive are directed 100% to projects, administrative expenses are covered by the founders.

In 1996, Dr. William DeJong, CEO of DeJONG Inc. (www.DeJONGinc.com), went with his then 16 year old son, Todd DeJong, to do service work in a rural Honduran village through the organisation Heart to Honduras.  While there, Bill recognised the dilapidated condition of the rural school buildings and the underserved population of students. He decided to form a team who would return to Honduras to undertake a more thorough assessment of the facilities in the area he had visited.  This team became Schools for the Children of the World (SCW), a group of architects, planners, engineers, educators and other professionals who live all over the United States and who come together in order to help communities in under-developed countries design and construct schools for their children.  In 2002 SCW became a non-profit, 501(c)3 organisation in the United States.


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