Since the start of SCW Germany we have been blessed by many people that showed interest and helped us both with monetary support and through the donation of their time.

Alessandra Sabatini
Libby Quartin Garca
Luca Cerioli
Alekandra Eneje
Olga M.


Our Projects

Our Achievements

DATAPOINT is a synonym of secure management of confidential information in a volatile business environment. We are a leading Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider in Poland i.e. a web platform available via Internet whose aim is to securely and effectively manage confidential documentation inside and outside the organization.

Caliper - Software Development
Our main area of expertise is custom web applications, which we develop using the .NET Framework, mostly with the MVC pattern. We are best known for creating and operating SymbolSource – the central, open and free repository of symbols (PDB files) for .NET libraries.

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